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Arturismo = Fix It. Haul It. Install It. You provide whatever “It” will be!

Hello. Thanks so much for checking out my web page! My name is Arthur Wicklander, I own Arturismo Inc. The name Arturismo came from the word Grand Turismo. I simply Combined my name with it which gives you Arturismo Inc. How it all began(having a licensed business) is an interesting one that's for sure. I met with a local courier company and the requirements to become a courier for them was I had to make myself an actual business. So I did, just to be told my old 2001 pickup truck was not new enough(after they already said it was good) and I had to get a newer vehicle. Well that wasn't a possibility for me so I was dead in the water. I had gotten into the resell business buying items from goodwills and where ever I could for one year prior and then it came to me. Junk Removal. I could get paid to get stuff instead of buying it. Wow! I intertwined handyman jobs with it and it was a great idea. The handyman business took over all my time and reselling was paused since then. I've learned a lot in one year. Lost a few "friends" along the way but made quite a bit more new ones. I've been slowed down due to funding issues and for the most part just figuring out what I want Arturismo to become. I've upgraded my work truck to 3 years newer! (Yes that should make you laugh) but did go from an S-10 to a Cadilac Escalade so quite a difference. Even with this pandemic and uncertain times we are in I'm motivated and driven to accomplish my business dreams of making it into a household name nationwide. My goals are to create something that interests the younger generation. Get them interested in Fix it. Haul it. Install it. Maybe for the down and out person that had lost hope and confidence in themself. Get them working and learning how to... yes you guessed it. Fix it. Haul it. Install it. I do know one thing... If I never give up at least tried and gave it a shot . In a modern world where hard work and integrity along with an honest days work has slowly become undesireable it will never change if Arturismo is still around. Fix it. Haul it. Install it. The Right Way! Or Not At All. Since 4/23/2019.


Quality Local Services

Your property is our property. Whether it’s a new kitchen that needs installing or simply a new piece of furniture that needs assembly, you can count on us to see it through. We’re proud of our craftsmanship and attention to detail, and we aim to keep you updated at all stages of the process – because we respect your home, and your time. Have a problem? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Junk Removal

We will haul of and dispose of by way of recycling, repurposing, and last resort legally dumping your unwanted clutter. Old worn out furniture? Newly remodeled house need debris gone? Pricing by the item or trailer pictured below $375(holds 5.5 cubic yards.) call or text picture today for a simple quote. 651-321-1952.

Price List

Faucet Replacement


Issues with your current faucet? Won't turn off/on, leaks? fix it before that leaking water turns into costly mold! Pricing is for lowest price faucet, removal of old faucet and Install of new faucet. Disposal and plumbing Additional fees.

Countertop replace package


Top, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, demo old stuff and design and install new. junk removal added fee.

Stainless steel sink install


Includes new sink, silicone, and hardware.



design, demo, deliver, install new laminate countertop tops. 



Prep, caulk, repair, paint entire Kitchen average size.

Areas Covered

Minnesota, Western Wisconsin

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