Fence and Gate Repair/Construction

Do you have an old, ugly, falling apart fence? How about a sagging gate that doesn’t shut? Arturismo fence and gate repair has the know how and solution! We use lifetime metal posts on all our fence post replacements and on all new builds. They don’t rot, break, or twist. Best part is you don’t see them. Not to mention a clean flush fence line. Another alternative is using a fence post repair kit. Cost for a post repair is $150 and replacement post $300. Every fence is different and have a lot of variables. All workmanship is covered by a 3 year warranty. Instead of replacing your fence with an average cost of $6000. You can repair it for an average cost of $2000. Depending on a lot of things like rotted rails, posts, and pickets. Give Us a text or call today 651-321-1952. Financing is available.

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